Gearless Centre Differential

  Our premium product is the GEARLESS CENTRE DIFFERENTIAL transfer case conversion for the Toyota Landcruiser HZJ 75/ 78/ 79 & new VDJ70.
This converts the standard part-time transfer case into a full-time four wheel drive, making it the perfect 4WD differential. It functions as an automatic lock-unlock driveline torque balancer to prevent destructive axle wind-up when operating in 4WD continuously on hard surfaces. .

These forces are caused as the front outside and rear inside wheels travel different distances especially during tight cornering.

By automatically indexing during cornering, to neutralise windup, the GEARLESS CENTRE DIFFERENTIAL always acts with a full differential action through the transfer case between the front and the rear prop shafts.

Standard Toyota Output gears
Standard Toyota output gears with standard locked drive shafts that cause wind-up
Low Speed Gearless Centre Differential
Dedicated Low Range Gearless Centre Differential with N0-SPIN LOCKER torque balanced shafts that eliminate wind-up
Two speed Gearless Centre Differential
Dual Range Gearless Centre Differential with torque balanced shafts

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The GEARLESS CENTRE DIFFERENTIAL is the perfect answer for heavy duty full-time 4WD use.
  • Smooth cornering with full traction at all times.
  • Fully automatic in its lock/ unlock operation.
  • Both 2 speed (hi and Low) and Dedicated Low Range Only models are available
Click here for a larger view of a Gearless  Centre Differential Installation

Dual range Gearless Centre Differential installation, showing rear extension housing and shortened prop shaft