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General Enquiry

What vehicles does the GCD fit?

The GCD’s come in 2 different models.  1 suits VDJ7x series and GDJ7x Series Land Cruisers and the other suits HZJ78 or HZJ79 series Land Cruisers.

Are the GCD's suited to road vehicles?

The GCD’s will permanently lock your vehicle in LOW RANGE constant 4WD.  Therefore putting a GCD in a road going vehicle is not practical.

How much are the GCD's?

Contact our sales team using the form on this page to request pricing and further information on the GCD’s and our other products.

What is the installation time for the GCD's?

Installation can take as little as 3 hours, depending on the installers experience.  Naturally, the more GCD’s that the installer has installed, the faster it will be.  Installation can take place with the transfer case still in the vehicle, thereby reducing the installation time considerably.

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