Full Swivel Housing Protection for Land Cruisers

Quick and easy to install Split CV Boots for Toyota Landcruiser 78, 79, 80, 105, 70 (V8) and the new GDJ70 (4 Cylinder) Series with solid axle now available.

Cost Effective

Our Split CV boots are one of the cheapest solutions for keeping the mud and crud that destroys your CV Joints out of your CV housing.

Simple Installation

No need to tear your front end apart to install the CV Boots.  They install without any need to remove the CV’s and will be doing their job in no time.

Suits Recent Models

Quick to install Split CV Boots for Toyota Land Cruiser 78, 79, 80, 105, 70 (V8) and 70 (4 Cylinder) Series with solid axle now available. Full list below.

The Benefits:

The Main advantages of Split CV Boots

  • Prevent the attack of corrosive water, grit abrasion, pitting, and seal damage on the exposed Landcruiser axle and swivel housing and king pin bearings.
  • No more hard chroming of the housing to extend working life.
  • No more seal destruction, grease dilution and housing wear.
  • Contaminants that grind away at the housing and seals causing a full front end replacement are kept well at bay.
  • The fully sealed rubber boot makes the housing impervious to the wear and tear that is a common problem on tough off road conditions.


No CV Boots fitted - As from the Factory
CV Boots fitted to a CV Joint and Steering Knuckle

Avoid costly axle housing repairs.


Your CV Joints aren’t the only items to get damaged when mud and crud gets into your axle housings – The housing also gets damaged.

Gearing Dynamics Split CV Boots will reduce the chances of having to either hard-chrome your housings or worst case, replace them.  Both are costly exercises.

Install a set of Split CV Boots on your Cruiser today and stop the wear that is happening to your investment.

In use throughout the world.

Gearing Dynamics Split CV Boots are a unique product which is protecting Cruisers around the world.

Recent Split CV Boot sales include to:

  • Australia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Laos
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • And numerous other countries

Designed for your  Land Cruiser

The Gearing Dynamics Split CV Boots suit a large range of Toyota Land Cruisers as shown in this list.

Unfortunately they do not fit any models that aren’t in the list, which include 40 Series, 60 Series and HZJ75.


FJ80 1/1990- HZJ78 8/1999-
FZJ78 8/1999- HZJ79 8/1999-
FZJ79 8/1999- HZJ80 1/1990-
FZJ80 8/1992- HZJ105 1/1998-
FZJ105 1/1998- VDJ78 1/2007-
GRJ71 7/2009- VDJ78 1/2007-
GRJ78 7/2009- VDJ79 1/2007-
GRJ79 7/2009- GDJ76 8/2023-
HDJ78 8/2001- GDJ78 8/2023-
HDJ79 8/2001- GDJ79 8/2023-
HDJ80 1/1990-


Fitted in an arvo

Fitting a set of boots can be done in a few hours – Although it is considerably easier with the vehicle raised on a hoist or even over a pit.

As with any work on your pride and joy, care should be taken to follow the included instructions and to not rush the job.

We do recommend that you check your felt seals as this would be an ideal opportunity to replace them also.  However, replacing them would require further work – Removing the CV’s.

Protect your investment with Split CV Boots

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