Fix That Unreliable OEM Land Cruiser Park Brake!

Tired of repairing your Land Cruiser Park Brake –  Constantly?  Our Driveline Park Brakes may be the solution you have been dreaming of!


Adding a Driveline Park Brake to your Cruiser will allow you to leave your vehicle with the knowledge that the Park Brake won’t fail & the vehicle roll away.

Simple Installation

Our Driveline Park Brake Kits are straight forward to install. They use the vehicles current Park Brake lever and cable to apply and release the Park Brake.

Various Models

The Park Brake Kits are available for a range of later model Land Cruisers.  VDJ7x, HZJ78, HZJ79, HZJ75, HJ75, HDJ7x.  And in all cab styles – Single, Dual, Wagon & Troopy.

The Benefits:

The Main Advantages of an Driveline Park Brake

  • It works! Compare that to the OEM Park Brake!
  • Saves the constant attempts to get the Park Brake to go even close to functioning.
  • A cost effective option when compare to some other options out there.
  • Gives you peice of mind that your vehicle will still be where to left it when you return!


Reliable in Operation.


Transmission Mounted Park Brake
The Park Brake caliper and disc rotor assembly is easily attached to the transfer case by way of an adapter plate and bolts. No tail shaft shortening is required.
The caliper selected is designed for harsh corrosive conditions with an additional steel cover plate protecting it from mud and water.  (Some models only)
A heavy steel lever connects the Park brake to the re-routed original cable for fail safe operation.

In use throughout the world.

Our Driveline Park Brake Kits are in use on Cruisers in mines around the world.

Currently the kits are used in:

  • Australia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Laos
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Amongst other countries

Models Available

Kits are specifically designed for the Toyota Land Cruiser in various kits.

  • HJ75 and HZJ75 up to 1999

  • HZJ78 and HZJ79 up to 2006

  • HDJ and VDJ70 Series from 2007 onwards

As the Land Cruisers have evolved, so have the Driveline Park Brake Kits.  This means that in many cases, we require specific details on the vehicle the kit is being fitted to. When sending an enquiry through, our form below will ask for all details of the vehicle to ensure that we are supplying the exact kit for your needs.

Not only for mining vehicles – Also great on road-going vehicles!

Protect your investment with Split CV Boots

What’s holding you up? 

(Not your OEM Park Brake, that’s for sure!)


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