The Best Solution for Land Cruiser Driveline Wear

We are all familiar with the infamous Land Cruisers down falls.  One of which is it’s lack of differential within the transfer case for VDJ, GDJ and HZJ Models, causing excessive wind-up and accelerated wear on all driveline components.

The Gearless Centre Differential (GCD) provides the ideal solution to this problem.

Reduce Driveline Wear

Driveline wear caused by wind-up is dramatically reduced meaning less vehicle time in the workshop being repaired.

Speed Reduced

The GCD locks the vehicle in Low Range 4WD.  Doing so reduces the maximum vehicle speed which is idea for underground mines.

Improved Safety

With reduced wind-up comes better driveability. Vehicles with GCD’s fitted are infinitely easier to drive which improves the safety of the vehicle.

Cost Effective

The GCD’s provide a cost effective solution to the never-ending driveline maintenance to the Land Cruisers that have them fitted.

Simple Installation

Fitting a GCD can be done is as little as 3 to 4 hours. No need to remove the transfer case still in the vehicle – The GCD can be fitted with the vehicle raised.

Built Tough

Based on Detroit Locker technology, the GCD’s will provide longevity in the vehicle with only standard Transfer Case maintenance.

What really matters.

When safety matters

Installing a GCD in your fleet of vehicles will dramatically improve the drivability of the vehicle, making your fleet much safer for your employees.

When cost matters

By reducing the wind-up within the Land Cruisers driveline, the GCD will reduce the wear and tear on all driveline components.  

When lives matter

With the vehicle locked permanently in Low Range 4WD, the speed of the vehicle is restricted making it less likely to have serious accidents.

It’s a win, win, win!

With the list of benefits provided by installing GCD’s in your fleet, it isn’t a question of “Should we do it?” – It’s more of a question of “Why haven’t we done it sooner?”.

It really is a no-brainer.  Everyone from the bean-counters to the workshop mechanics and operators wins.

Built with precision: Built to last.


Toyota Land Cruisers are “the” choice for light vehicles in the mining industry.  They are built tough and are made to last the distance.

Gearing Dynamics GCD’s are manufactured to match the durability of the vehicles they are fitted to and will last the distance.

Used in mines throughout the world.

Gearing Dynamics GCD’s are a unique product which are ideal for use in underground mines.

Currently the GCD’s are used in:

  • Australia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Mongolia

Designed for your sites ‘Cruisers’

The GCD’s have been developed and designed to suit the following models of Toyota Land Cruisers:

  1. GD-12-1000 to suit VDJ7x
  2. GD-12-1000 to suit GDJ7x
  3. GD-02-1010 to suit HZJ78/79

They will suit either Left hand drive or Right hand drive vehicles, and in any cab style.

Fitting is a breeze

Fitting the GCD’s is simple.  It can be done with the transfer case still in the vehicle for on-the-fly fitment.  Or, fit the GCD to a spare transfer case on the bench – Ready for a fast changeover.

Install time is around 3 or 4 hours for an experienced mechanic – Even quicker with the transfer case on the workshop bench.

On-Going Maintenance

There is none!  (Not entirely accurate.)

There is no specific maintenance for the GCD itself.  However, the factory specified maintenance routine should be followed for the transfer case.  Same oil. Same oil level.  Same oil change interval.  This will provide the longevity that the GCD was designed for.

Need more information?

We understand that you may want more information before sending us your enquiry.  Clicking the link below will take you to our “How it works” page where you can gain a better understanding of how the GCD functions and why it is a desirable option for mining fleets.

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