Add an Exhaust Brake to your Small Diesel Engine Vehicle.

An Exhaust Brake fitted to your vehicle will give you an advantage when towing your load down long descents.


  The added braking not only makes your vehicle brake mor efficiently but will provide that extra level of safety and give you confidence to stop safely.

Simple Installation

Our Exhaust Brake Systems don’t rely on unreliable electronics – They are simple to install with only minimal trade type skills required.

Various Models

Our Exhaust Brake System is available in a number of combinations to suit a large variety applications. Read more below.

The Benefits:

The Main Advantages of an Exhaust Brake

  • Improve the stopping power of your vehicle.
  • Saves wear and tear on your conventional braking system.
  • Saves you money due not having to do as much maintenance to your conventional brakes.
  • Provides some level of “back-up” in the event of failure of the main brakes due to overheating or some other failure.


No CV Boots fitted - As from the Factory
CV Boots fitted to a CV Joint and Steering Knuckle

Construction and Operation.


The EBS EXHAUST BRAKE is a vacuum operated butterfly valve fitted into the exhaust system as a compact, independent unit.

The butterfly and shaft are stainless steel with Nicrofer bushes making the EBS brake strong and robust for arduous conditions.

When activated, a back pressure is created during braking using the retardant effect of the engine in addition to the foot operated brakes.

An electronic solenoid controls the vacuum operation and is actuated by twin micro switches on the clutch and accelerator pedals. As the driver’s feet come off the pedals, the EBS brake is activated instantly. With an ON/OFF switch on the dash, the driver has total control at all times.

In use throughout the world.

Gearing Dynamics Split CV Boots are a unique product which is protecting Cruisers around the world.

Currently the GCD’s are used in:

  • Australia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Laos
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • And many other countries

Suitable for Various Small Diesel Engines.

The Gearing Dynamics Exhaust Brake System suits a range of vehicles.  However, there are some vehicles that will require additional modifications beyond the scope of this web page.  These modifications are primarily with later model vehicles.

Contact us using the form below to get full details of what will be required to fit an Exhaust Brake to your vehicle.

Models Available

Kits are specifically designed for the Toyota Land Cruiser, although they can be adapted to suit most small diesel 2, 4, or 6 wheel drive or light truck, either naturally aspirated or turbo.

  • 2.5 inch or 3 inch Diameters

  • 12 or 24 Volt Electrical Systems

As with any accessory correct driver use will increase all round benefits, reduce vehicle accidents and extend brake life.


Protect your investment with Split CV Boots

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